The Positive Side of Voluntary Quarantine

Today I came across a friend’s post that listed all of the things that you CAN do in spite of CoVID-19; go outdoors, listen to music, engage in family time, read, write, perhaps even REST. When I saw that post, it shifted something inside of me that has been really broken and hurting since the cancellation of Maddie’s senior JMU lacrosse season. When was the last time we have had time to rest, to turn inward and shore up our personal foundations? I, like most of you, had a spring calendar with very little open space. Every week was filled with multiple games, hotels stays and travel all around the east coast. With the cancellation of the NCAA season, extended spring breaks and college and high school classes going on-line, we are now faced with mandatory staycations, yet we have the opportunity to choose how to spend this time for our greatest benefit.

My heart shifted as I thought about what I can do during this time that I haven’t been able to do, or made time to do, in what feels like years – take walks, write, deep clean, connect more deeply and in new ways with friends, family and neighbors. It also reminded me that now is the perfect time for me to share the benefits of CBD with those of you who may be experiencing increased stress and anxiety, seeking reduced pain and inflammation, and improving appetite and sleep cycles.

As many of you know from my posts on, I have struggled over the years with anxiety and depression. I have addressed these struggles over the years in multiple ways -therapy, medications, and holistic avenues. Even having taken all of those measures, there are times when they creep back in and leave me feeling vulnerable and scared. Times of stress often cause these symptoms to increase. However, since the fall I have been using CBD products for stress, anxiety and to help me sleep. And to be quite honest, I think they are helping me stay grounded in the face of CoVID-19.

About a month ago, my sister and I joined our cousin’s company based out of North Carolina to become advocates of Green Compass Global. We have seen the benefits of CBD in our own lives and want to share the products with others who may benefit as well. Prior to Green Compass Global, I had to find an online retailer or go to local vape shops to find CBD. Each time I bought a new product the results varied. I started to realize how differently – and CHEAPLY – many CBD products are made.

Unlike most CBD products on the market, Green Compass CBD is grown on certified organic farms by 6th generation farmers in North Carolina. The farmers themselves use the CBD balms for to relieve joint pain. My cousin is the daughter of an esteemed physician in Salisbury, NC. Being a scientist and doctor, he dug deeply into the claims and legitimacy of Green Compass Global, and has since gone on to not only support her venture but to become a customer as well.

I don’t know when I would have “had the time” to kick off my own CBD venture with Green Compass if I had not had this enforced time at home. So this is going to be my WHY for the short term. Instead of being crushed by the losses we face this spring, I am going to focus on what I CAN do.

By 2022, CBD is projected to be a $22 Billion dollar industry and in less than 12 months of business, Green Compass has become a leader in this burgeoning market. If you would like to listen in and learn more about the products and/or the business opportunities at Green Compass, I invite you to PM me so I can give you details of a ZOOM call we are having tonight @ 8 PM. If you are not ready for a call but want more information about CBD and the products we offer, please reach out to me or head to my website:

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