Jane McDaniel

Bio: Here I share my personal stories of letting go of fear and implementing the dynamic tools of Spiritus Living: Spirit, Breath, Soul, Courage & Vigor, in order to heal from the accumulation of trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression in my life. My personal goal is to find the balanced center of my inner and outer worlds, in order to live in authenticity. I hope my stories and strategies will help others in feeling less alone in their personal struggles of any kind. Wife. Mother of 6 (3 kids + 3 dogs). Self-help book connoisseur. Wanna-be yogi. M.S., Johns Hopkins University, Applied Behavioral Science B.S., Salisbury University, Psychology Mindfulness Meditation Teach Training Program with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield, Accepted Student - two year certification program - begins Feb 2019 Power of Awareness - 7 Week Course with Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach; Principles of Mindful Awareness & Cultivating Compassion through Mindfulness Meditation & Practices. Completed Spring 2018 Duke University, Mindfulness & Meditation for Stress Reduction Coursework. Summer 2017.

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